Welcome To Lake Murray Optometric Center

Welcome to Lake Murray Optometric Center

At Lake Murray Optometric Center in San Diego, CA, our optometry team is dedicated to helping each patient keep their eye health and vision at their best. Our wide variety of eye care services allow us to meet the needs of each patient. We provide comprehensive care in a warm, welcoming environment. Whether you need an eye exam or contact lenses, we are here to help.


Our Experienced Optometrists

At Lake Murray Optometric Center, our team has more than four decades of vision care experience. We've been providing eye care services since 1979. Dr. Robert Gonzalez, OD is and associates are dedicated to providing personalized eye care, and specializes in dry eyes, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. They have years of experience in optometry and are committed to helping each patient reach their vision goals.

Complete Vision and Eye Care Services

Our team provides many optometry services. With each one of these services, Dr. Gonzalez and our team provide patients with the quality care they need. 

Routine Exams 

Routine eye exams can help you keep up with vision changes and any other concerns. During these eye exams, our optometrist takes time to answer patient questions and go over important considerations. 

Specific Eye Concerns 

Do you have specific vision and eye concerns? Our eye doctor can help with dry eyes, blurry vision, refractive errors, and other eye-related issues. 

Glasses and Contact Lenses 

We will find your prescription for glasses or contact lenses. We also help with frame selection and even offer online ordering options. 


If you are considering LASIK, our team will evaluate you and determine if the surgery is right for you. We also provide post-operative care. 

Optometry for Adults and Children 

Dr. Gonzalez has experience in helping both adults and children who need an eye doctor. Pediatric optometry requires special considerations. Children's vision can change and adjust as they grow. Dr. Gonzalez can help determine your children’s eyesight needs and find solutions that will help them at school and beyond. 

Visit Our Optometrist in San Diego, CA for Quality Eye Care

Routine eye care is vital in preserving your vision. At Lake Murray Optometric Group, serving Lake Murray and San Diego, CA, our eye doctor provides all the eye and vision care services you need. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.


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