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Eye Exam

Your eyes are amazing things, and at all times during your life, you and each member of your family want them to function at optimal levels. Optometry is the medicine that focuses on eyes, eye health, and correcting vision. As part of a regular eye care routine, you'll want to see your Lake Murray optometrist, Dr. Robert Gonzalez, for regular eye exams at Lake Murray Optometric in San Diego, CA.

Your Eyes Do a Lot

Our eyes work hard throughout the day, even when we are not actively using them. They perform several adjustments changes in lighting, pollution in the air, the way we focus on written words, and more. The eyes need time to adjust, contract, rest, and receive incoming information from the outside world to turn it into visual images.

Because of external factors, your eyes may be fatigued or dry. These conditions are both preventable and treatable by taking lots of breaks from reading, staring at screens, using sunglasses when outside, and drinking lots of fresh, clean water throughout the day. Our optometrist can also provide prescription eye drops and other corrective measures for extreme and exasperated conditions. No matter what the needs of your eyes are, you'll want to get your eyes checked by our eye doctor annually.

Assessing Your Condition

Through specialized and modern optometry equipment, Dr. Robert Gonzalez will look for symptoms of eye diseases, inflammation, and poor retinal health. Some diseases show early warning signs only in the eyes when they begin. Early detection is essential when it comes to eye diseases because it gives Dr. Gonzalez the chance to intervene before vision loss is allowed to occur.

What Happens During an Eye Exam

  • After coming to the office, we'll ask you to fill out questionnaires that indicate:
  • Your family medical history of eye issues
  • Medications you are taking
  • Supplements or vitamins you consume
  • Your levels of reading you do while at work or for leisure
  • The amount of outdoor recreation you participate in
  • Other lifestyle mechanics

After this, your eyes will be examined visually and the size of your iris will be measured. We will also test how your eyes react to light, air, and dark conditions. We will also test your ability to read at a distance. How well you can see is measured in fractions and will be a variation of 20/20. When the exam is complete, Dr. Gonzalez will recommend solutions, treatments, or corrective lenses to help you see better. He'll also discuss preventative measures you can take to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Eye Doctor in Lake Murray

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